Leaders Edit

  1. Uther of Silverrock
  2. Dagobert Merovic
  3. Slavomir Merovic
  4. Lothar of Goldenvale
  5. Clothacar the Brave

Uther of Silverrock Edit

Was the founder of the Order. He forged the Silver Sword,which was to become a symbol of the Order of the Silver Knights.Then he founded the Order after the victorious Battle of Shadowsvale

He was slain in the Battle at Silverrock by an orc, Thilgaz.Uther was about to kill another orc, but Thilgaz  attacked him from the back with an axe.Uther was slain and the Silver Sword remained at Silverrock.The king, Arthors III of Andoran. ran away from the battle, so noone knew where the Silver Sword was.

Dagobert Merovic Edit

Addapted as a symbol his warhammer Merovin.with it he slayed 20 orcs when they atacked him at Shadowswood

Slavomir Merovic Edit

Lothar of Goldensvale Edit

Helped the king Uther the Brave in the Battle at Goldengate.

Clothacar the Brave Edit

Found the Silver Sword when the Order marched with Uther the Brave against Orcs.They defeated the Orcs at Silversvale.